What Your Pictures Have to do With Self-Care

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For one year now (happy blogiversary to us!), I’ve been writing every #familyhistoryfriday about photos, memories, stories, family, and connections.  I’ve written about why we need them so much, and what they do for us.  I’ve written about how they affect self-esteem in kids, how they help kids cope with difficulty, and even how family stories are an antidote for teenage entitlement.  Last fall, I included some video tutorials, just for Evolve readers, about photo organization, plus how I stay caught up preserving my photos and memories, and why it’s so important to me.  I’ve shared my own experiences about how photos, memories, and stories help heal from grief.  These days, most of our “photos” are just digital files, so I’ve also given lots of tips for bringing your photos to life.

If you’re new here, welcome.  If you’ve been an Evolve reader for a while, thank you!!  Thank you!  I have a rather bold life goal to make a difference in as many lives as I can.  When you come here, read, get inspired, and then take action, you’ve helped me meet my goal.  I hope to reconnect as many people as I can to their photos and help them realize the importance of embracing their stories.  I want their lives to be richer because of it.

1st blogiversary

TWO Giveaways This Week!

If you’ve read posts here on previous Fridays this month, you know I’m giving away lots of prizes to help you with your memory-keeping.  There’s still time to go back and enter the drawings for giveaways from previous weeks, too!  Digital books and scrap pages as well as easy paper scrapbooking kits and a big paper scrapbooking and papercrafting bundle of goodies are all up for grabs.  And now, for my last giveaway this month, there are two prizes and four chances to win!

Giveaway Rules

These are the rules for the weekly giveaways.  I’ll tell you the special rules for the Grand Prize shortly.

  • Comment to enter the drawing.  The first 3 comments for the book giveaway (below) WIN!  In the comments, tell me something you like about or learned from this blog post or another #familyhistoryfriday post over the past year.  I will also need you to e-mail me (Jennifer) your mailing address.  Your e-mail will not be kept, shared, or used for any other purpose.  Because that’s rude.  E-mail me at jenniferwise4heritagemakers@gmail.com just to give me your e-mail address.
  • Share this post and the giveaway with someone you know who would love to win, or Pin/Tweet/share on social media.

The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness

I’ve been encouraging people to preserve their photos and memories for 13 years now!  In recent years, I’ve learned a lot about the scientifically-proven benefits of memory-keeping.  Lately, I’ve combined that knowledge and experience by teaching online and in-person classes, speaking to groups, and blogging.  In anticipation of Evolve’s blogiversary, I wanted to share in a special way the distilled version of everything I’ve learned plus the tips and helps I’ve gathered.

So I wrote you a book.

I did.  This book– or booklet, really –is a short 30- or 40-minute read that is the culmination of my 13 years’ experience.  You’ll find out the WHY of family stories, photos, and recorded memories–what makes it important and worthwhile.  You will learn how photos and memories are directly related to self-care and wellness, and how they can actually make you happier!  I bust four common memory-keeping myths, too.  You’ll find out exactly why photos left in digital form are both incomplete and in danger.  You will come away with SOLUTIONS (a very important part of anything, in my opinion) and two specific strategies that will help if you’re behind preserving photos or just overwhelmed.

And you’ll be empowered to take action.

I have THREE copies of this book, hot off the presses, for three lucky winners!  These books would also make a great gift for anyone looking to increase their own wellness and happiness.  (Remember:  preserving memories and photos is for everyone, not just “scrapbookers.”)  And if you aren’t one of the three winners, you can order the book right here.

Book Review

I gave Krista, owner and CEO of Evolve, an advanced copy of the book.  She read it and said:

Jennifer Wise has created a quick and easy-to-read resource for anyone who has a mountain of photo boxes or unprinted photos collecting on their phone or computer. This helpful guide combines scientific research with more than a decade of Jennifer’s own personal memory-keeping knowledge and strategies for how to get caught up and stay caught up preserving your treasured family memories. In addition, the process of memory-keeping just so happens to have several positive benefits both for individuals as well as entire families. Definitely worth reading! – Krista Palo

Krista was so impressed by this book that she approached me about making it available as an e-book!  So watch for that in the future.

You can also read another review of the book right here.

The Grand Prize

I really want to help you preserve your pictures, memories, and stories.  The grand prize is a 12×12 Family Yearbook, and the bonus is that I will put it together for you!  You’ll choose the year you’d like me to preserve, then you’ll e-mail me up to 10 of your favorite pictures from each month of that year.  And you’ll send me a little sentence/memory about each one.

You can choose from three styles of yearbooks, and you can see page-by-page previews of each of them at this link.  (If you are not the winner, that link gives you information to get this very same prize on your own through my Personal Photo Manager program.)

Without the additional charge of my hourly rate for creating books, this would be a $52 value.  But with the BONUS that I’ll put it together for you, this is a $180+ prize!

The Grand Prize Rules

There are special rules for winning this grand prize.  You must enter by April 7, 2018.  The winner will be selected at random on April 9.  There must be 10 entries for this prize in order to qualify it to be given away.  Here are the details.

  1. First, comment on each of the 4 #familyhistoryfriday posts so far this month in addition to this one!
  2. Second, share each of the 5 total #familyhistoryfriday posts this month on social media.  Pinning to Pinterest, sharing on Facebook, or Tweeting on Twitter all count.
  3. Last, e-mail me to let me know that you’ve completed steps one and two and you would like to be entered in the drawing for this grand prize.  (As I mentioned earlier in the general rules, I need all participants’ e-mail addresses in order to notify the winner by e-mail on.  I will not keep or use any of the e-mails for any other purpose.)
  4. To help get 10 comments and qualify this to be given away, you can always share this with someone you know who would love it!

Good luck, and may the best (or at least the luckiest) memory-keeper win!

My grandmother made me a scrapbook because I was once too young to remember; I am making scrapbooks for my family because one day I may be too old to remember.  ~unknown



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10 thoughts on “What Your Pictures Have to do With Self-Care

  1. Your post has shown me the importance of organizing our family photos, and also to document and share them so the stories live on in future generations.

  2. I have read this book and absolutely love it. I think it would make a great gift. If I win, I will be giving it away as a gifts so the receiver can feel empowered and encouraged to get busy with photos like me and maybe we can do it together as a social night!

    • Oh, I love this! Thanks so much, Amy! 🙂 You’re right–it really would make a great gift. I’m so glad you felt empowered–that’s just exactly what I was going for. A social night really IS a great idea for catching up on photos, too. 🙂

  3. You wrote a book? That’s amazing!!! I was reading in your link on self esteem in kids and I love this. “children who knew a lot about their families and their heritage had a stronger sense of control over their lives, did better when faced with challenges, were more resilient, and had higher self-esteem.” I completely agree with this and why I try to know my genealogy so my kids know where they came from. I should make a family tree scrapbook so it’s easier for the kids. Pictures are so wonderful!

    • Thanks, Shiree–I’m so glad!! 🙂 Yes, pictures these days really can be overwhelming. I sent you my Two-in-One plan with the prize that you won, so hopefully that will help a little, too. 🙂