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Evolve: Live. Grow. Give.

I am excited to welcome you to Evolve! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you find us a great resource! Although we are small now, we will continue to learn and to grow.

Continuous learning and helping others is what I am passionate about, and I am so excited to share what I have learned with you. I am constantly learning from other people and I will include many outside links and references.

Evolve’s website is primarily a blog. There are some affiliate links and eventually Evolve will offer it’s own products and services. I have no intention on selling or referring a product or service to you that goes against my personal beliefs and values or that does not offer a benefit. I am here to help. The products and services allow me to support my family and earn an honest living, I am not interested in selling products that are of no worth.

About Me

I the mom of two amazing boys. My dog, (my fluffy child) is also a loving member of my family. We live in a wonderful rural community in Northern Utah. I love being in such a beautiful place so close to the mountains.

My Educational Background:Family Picture

  • B.A. in Management and Human Resources from Eastern Washington University
  • MBA from the University of Phoenix

Work Experience:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Direct Sales
  • Alumni Development
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Vet Tech

As you can see, it is quite the collection. I was working jobs to get experience and to earn a paycheck. Later I worked to support my family. But I found there was a critical component missing – passion. I didn’t have a true love for what I was doing.

A few years ago I worked on my first blog: ahandfulofeverything.blogspot.com. I loved it. It gave me an opportunity to express myself and to re-ignite my creativity and find my passion. I knew that blogging was something I would enjoy doing long term, even if I couldn’t pursue it professionally – yet. It was a great learning experience.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when I completed my MBA, instead of looking for outside employment, Evolve was the natural next step for me to take.  Life presented the opportunity to go for it, I said yes.

Why I’m Blogging

I started Evolve because I believe:

  • People want to live a meaningful and joyful life.
  • Even though our lives are busy, we have a desire to actively live, not just go through the motions.
  • We are on this Earth to learn and to grow.
  • Talents bring joy to us and to those we share them with.
  • Giving and service creates happiness.
  • Success should be attainable without having to compromise personal morals or standards.

In my pursuit of personal development I have used many resources. I have found while although some resources offer quality information they can be riddled with bad language. Others offer unsound advise, or don’t use reliable sources. I wanted to create a platform with good information, that was consistent with my values, and that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to share if my kids wanted to see what I was looking at.

What Is The Blog About?

Evolve celebrates stories, fosters the development of talents, and helps individuals achieve success.

Our Tagline is Live. Grow. Give. Everything is based on the principles of taking action; continuously growing and learning; giving back and sharing what we’ve learned. Values of trust, respect, integrity, sincerity, and creativity are fundamental in everything we do.

Value Statement – Evolve believes that everyone has value, every life is important, and every person has something to give that benefits others.

Mission Statement – Inspiring individuals to be actively engaged in life and to develop endurance through sharing and celebrating life’s stories.

Vision Statement – Encouraging individuals to embrace the power of continuous learning; to actively live, discover and develop talents; and to find success without compromising their morals and standards.

For more information please start here and visit the about page too.

What to Expect

New content will be posted on the blog at least three times a week. Posts will be available at 8:00am Mountain Standard Time.

The blog will explore a variety of subjects all related to the three core elements of living, growing, and giving. Including:

  • Personal Development
  • Change
  • Talents
  • Family History
  • Inspiration
  • Parenting
  • Work-life balance

… and other topics which are geared toward discovering and expressing personal talents and personal stories with our own unique voice.

Weekly Schedule:

  1. Tuesday’s: Podcast
  2. Friday’s: Family History Friday’s with Jennifer Wise

Other posts may be published on various days throughout the week. At the end of every week I will send out a newsletter with a recap of all the posts.

Why Us?

Evolve is an online platform that will be used to offer personal development products and services and to build a community of like minded individuals. Evolve’s tagline is what the company is about, “Live. Grow. Give.” Life is about experiences; it involves active participation, not just thinking, but doing. As we experience successes and failures we continuously learn and develop our personal skills and abilities. As we continue to grow, we seek out opportunities to share what we have learned and the talents we have developed with others. This is true in both professional and personal settings. At Evolve, this continuous and dynamic cycle is founded on integrity and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

What we will offer:

  • Wholesome and useful products
  • Celebrate stories
  • Community
  • Free and paid content
    • Blog posts
    • ebooks
    • Books
    • Podcasts
    • Videos
    • Webinars
    • Courses
    • Coaching
    • Consulting
  • Tools and Resources for success

Who Am I Writing For?

By far, more personal development resources are created by men than women. While this trend is changing and more women are creating and sharing their talents, it seems as if many resources are geared toward men in a male perspective.

The content for Evolve is applicable to anyone, and is just as relevant for men as for women. However, I am specifically writing to women. My target audience is women of faith between the ages of 25-55, with some college education, and who have children in her life.

I am a single mom trying to support a family. I relate to other mom’s, I feel the pain of feeling busy and overwhelmed, overworked, and maybe even undervalued.

I will share what I’ve learned (and what I will continue to learn) in the hope that what has has helped to make my personal and professional life easier will also be useful to you.

Get Involved!

The goal of Evolve is to be a resource and to inspire growth. And while change happens on an individual level, it is almost impossible to do it alone.

I welcome and encourage comments as well as any feedback you may have. Feel free to use the contact form to let us know what you think!

I do also accept guest posts that are relevant to Evolve’s Mission and Vision.

Evolve’s Facebook page is another place to interact with others. Ask questions, share your experiences, and get support!

Blogging Goals

My goal is that Evolve becomes a known and trusted resource for continuous growth.

My short term goals include interviewing talented individuals on a weekly basis for my podcast, reading at least two books per month, and growing my online presence. I will guest blog for other websites and accept guests blog posts at Evolve.

By September 1, 2017 my goal is to have at least 2 e-books published.

By November 1, 2017 my goal is to have my first physical book completed.

By January 15, 2018 my goal is to offer Evolve’s first online course.

Ultimately, I want want to help individuals find meaning and joy in life.


Thank you again for stopping by today. I look forward to spending time with you!

Krista Palo

I'm Krista, the owner and creator of Evolve. I have a masters degree in Business Administration and I am passionate about development, motivation, and change. I love stories in all of their forms, and believe in continuous learning and the power of positivity.

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