The Power of Story

An Interview on Cary Mac Arthur's Dare to Find Your Voice Podcast

Jennifer Wise_HMI want to take a moment and recognize Miss Jennifer Wise. She is a member of the Evolve team and I am so incredibly grateful for her. She is very talented and the author of the weekly column #FamilyHistoryFriday.

Jennifer is our memory-keeping expert! She not only writes phenomenal articles, she also provides practical doable solutions to some of family history’s greatest challenges.

Her greatest desire in life is to make a difference, which she does every day.

She is the author of the Life Tales Books & Personal Publishing Blog and has been a Heritage Makers consultant for over 12 years!

You can read all of Jennifer’s articles here, and listen to her Real Life, Real Passion podcast episode: 13 Be True to Yourself.

Cary Mac Arthur

Jennifer is actually who virtually introduced me to Cary, and I am so grateful because she is an extraordinary individual. She is the host of the Dare to Find Your Voice Podcast on the ewn podcast network.

She is also an amazing coach whose mission is to connect women to their virtue, power, and purpose. You can learn more about her on her website, listen to her amazing podcast, or listen to her and her husband Dave Mac Arthur on the Mechanic to Millionaire podcast.

Cary’s podcast is all about ordinary people who have extraordinary stories. People who are discovering the Value of Openness, the power of Intention of Clearing old patterns and learning to Express their truth.  It’s about connecting people to their power and purpose by Daring to speak their V*O*I*C*E*.

She has been a guest author here on Evolve called Find Your Voice; Follow Your Purpose. She has also been featured on Evolve’s Podcast Real Life Real Passion: Episode 6 Find Your VOICE.

The Power of Story: An Interview with Jennifer Wise

Jennifer Wise was born with a passion for making connections, taking photos, and preserving memories. She was always a scrapbooker because she felt it was important to cherish things that were important to her.

As her three kids came along she felt that memory-keeping was the perfect way for her to show them that their lives are important and that they have a special place. Jennifer feels strongly that a scrapbook – however it’s made – is truly a gift because it is something special and meaningful to turn to when things get hard.

Her motto is, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be jpegs,” and she really means it!

Jennifer’s interview with Cary is Episode 19.

I hope you take the opportunity to get to know Jennifer better by listening to this awesome podcast!

Dare to Find Your V*O*I*C*E with Cary Mac Arthur

You can learn more Jennifer and find her links on the About page.


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    • Absolutely! I am so grateful to have you as part of the Evolve team! There are few things more powerful than a story, and I love your passion and desire to help others embrace their own. Love ya darlin! You’re amazing 🙂