Real Life, Real Passion

Real Life, Real Passion Podcast

Krista Palo is the host of Real Life, Real Passion. She shares and celebrates stories of people who have found a passion in life and followed it. Krista believes that everyone has value, every life is important, and every person has a unique and inspiring story to tell.


Real Life, Real Passion

Real Life, Real Passion is Evolve’s weekly podcast dedicated to living a life of passion.

Krista hosts the show, which is entirely based on interviews. The goal of our podcast is to share amazing real life examples of people who have found their passion, live it, and actively cultivate their talents as a source for inspiration to help you find and develop your own passion, actively live it, and share it with others.

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  • an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Synonyms: love, zeal, energy, spirit, fire, vigor


  1.      3/14/17   Smile   Taylor Halversen
  2.      3/21/17   Garden of Health   Carol Bauer
  3.      3/28/17   Follow Authentic Laughter   Cassandra Smith
  4.      4/4/17     Your Forever Family   Bridget Schwebach
  5.      4/11/17   Family Stories    Kerry Peck
  6.      4/18/17   Find Your VOICE   Cary Mac Arthur
  7.      4/25/17   Find Your Team   Crissy Perham
  8.      5/2/17     Small Steps   Karen Weeks
  9.      5/9/17     From Her Kitchen   Jillian Fox
  10.      5/23/17   For the Love of Dance   Becky Erickson
  11.      5/30/17   Just Love People   Barbara Shidler
  12.      6/13/17   Have an Adventure   Michelle Zollinger Tams
  13.      6/20/17   Be True to Yourself   Jennifer Wise
  14.      6/27/17   Find the Joy   Lori Jackson

*The intro and outro music used on the podcast was obtained from the Free Music Archive which hosts music from several artists with creative commons licenses. We use music provided by Scott Holmes.