Preserving Pictures Using Easy Paper Scrapbooking Kits

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Everyone has experiences they want to remember.  #FamilyHistoryFriday at Evolve is about preserving those experiences through pictures, memories, stories, and connections.  As we celebrate our one year blogiversary this month, that means you’ll not only find solutions for telling your personal and family stories and bringing your photos to life, but you’ll also have five chances to win some memory-keeping products and services at our giveaways!  Don’t miss the grand prize at the end of the month, too–it’s worth over $100 and comes with an extra special bonus.

Giveaway Rules

Read this first so you know how to enter each week’s giveaway, then read on to find out if preserving your pictures using easy paper scrapbooking kits is right for you–and how to do it.

  • A minimum of 10 comments on the blog post by April 2, 2018 qualify the item to be given away.  In the comments, tell me something you like about or learned from this blog post or another #familyhistoryfriday post over the past year.
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  • Winners will be drawn at random and contacted immediately via e-mail.
  • Share this post and the giveaway with someone you know who would love to win!  (That has the benefit of helping the post get 10 comments, too!)

What Are “Easy Paper Scrapbooking Kits?”

Some people really love working with paper when they preserve their photos and memories.  A few years ago, a new company called Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson came out with kits for paper scrapbooking.  The kits have two-page spreads that are practically already done.  Everything is already cut, coordinating, and ready to go–you just assemble the pages and add your pictures and journaling.  That’s it!

These kits even come with “recipe cards” so you see exactly how the layout is designed to be.  And, of course, you can alter things however you choose.

You Might Love Paper Scrapbooking Kits if…

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of options around for preserving your photos.  My advice is to do what works for YOU.  Don’t worry about what’s popular or trendy.  Do what you WILL DO.   If you don’t love it, you won’t do it. 

I’ve found that those who prefer layouts from paper scrapbooking kits may be:

  • a little behind on their photos and need a little help catching up
  • scrapbookers who don’t want to buy more packs of paper and stickers and such, who like the idea of just buying exactly what they will use
  • not paper scrapbookers but would like to be and want to start simple
  • paper scrapbookers who are short on time and want a really fast way to make something creative without spending a lot of time on it  (I have made some of these layouts from kits before, and actually I timed how long it took me to make them, not including the photos and journaling.  A two-page layout took me 8 minutes and 14 seconds!  Add a couple of minutes for the photos and journaling, and you’re looking at probably 5 minutes per page.  That’s so much faster than scrapbooking without kits!)

What I Love About Easy Scrapbooking Kits

Note:  The only Easy Paper Scrapbooking Kits I’ve seen or used are from Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson, so this review refers only to this brand.  If there are other brands out there, my review may or may not apply.

I love how FAST these pages come together.  As I mentioned, everything is already cut, measured, and coordinating.  Aside from everything that’s pretty much already done for you, you don’t have to think about anything!  Sometimes that’s what takes a long time with paper scrapbooking–deciding how to create a page, trying to figure out if you have enough matching paper to do what you’ve decided to do, looking to see if you have the right stickers, etc.  This is creativity without thinking about it.

I love that paper-lovers can still be hands-on and creative without much effort or work.

I love that there’s nothing wasted or left over.  In the kits, you don’t get more than you’ll use.  Serious paper-scrapbookers and paper-crafters often find they need a whole room in order to store their embellishments, stickers, scissors, papers, and crafting machines.  For someone who doesn’t want to add to the collection they already have, these easy paper scrapbooking kits are just perfect.

The Giveaway

If easy paper scrapbooking kits sound like the thing for you, comment below (don’t forget to e-mail me, too) to be entered into the drawing for THE HAPPY SPRING LAYOUT KIT–and I’ve already put together about half the pages for you!  YOU’LL ALSO GET 20 PAGE PROTECTORS!  These kits make eight 12×12 layouts of two pages each and come with everything but the pictures and a pen to write your memories.  (This photo plus the “Dream” photo above are two of the two-page layouts in the Happy Spring Layout Kit you’ll be getting.)

This prize is a $72 value.  (If you don’t win, by the way, you can get your own Happy Spring Layout Kit, or one of the other styles of kits by clicking here and then clicking “products” then “Anthology DIY”!)  If you are the winner, you can look for this entire kit plus 20 page protectors in the mail sometime after April 2.

What Are Other Options?

If easy paper scrapbooking kits don’t sound like your way to preserve photos and memories, don’t worry.  I’ll share more options with more giveaways all month long!  If you missed the digital scrap pages option from last week, click here to find out why it’s a great option for some people.



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10 thoughts on “Preserving Pictures Using Easy Paper Scrapbooking Kits

  1. Great idea! I’m too far behind to even get a kit to help me. YEARS of pictures still need printing 🙂

    • Katelynn, stay tuned, then! 🙂 There are a total of four different ideas this month to get those photos SEEN. There was a digital option last Friday and there will be another next Friday. Digital is nice because you get to skip that step of printing the photos first. It’s honestly how I stay caught up. 🙂 I hope you find something that can help you. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    • It really IS fun. Because it’s a kit, there’s not much to think about, and there’s nothing to cut out or measure. I love that you have memories of scrapbooking with your grandmother. <3

    • It IS! I got this kit to give away, and I did a few of the layouts so that they’re that much more DONE for the winner. Two pages took me like 8 minutes. Of course, that’s without photos and journaling, but still. Pretty great! 🙂 Thanks for commenting and reading. You’re entered in the drawing.