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I'm Krista, the owner and creator of Evolve. I have a masters degree in Business Administration and I am passionate about development, motivation, and change. I love stories in all of their forms, and believe in continuous learning and the power of positivity.

Today’s post was written for Lori Jackson’s blog Choosing Wisdom.

Learning and Teaching is One of the Greatest Services We Can Give

There are few things more impactful than a teacher. And not just any teacher, a great teacher.

Great teachers connect with their students on a deep level, they care about them, and they know what they are talking about. Great teachers inspire a lifetime of learning and encourage us to think deeply and actually apply what we’ve learned.

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are in your family, and some are not. Some are soft-spoken, and some are not. And while no two teachers may look or act the same, they all have a love of learning and provide us a service by teaching.

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Choosing Wisdom


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