How to Print Your Pictures From Your Phone

It’s estimated that we take 1.2 trillion pictures a year, and 85% of them are taken on smartphones!  We all know that taking a picture is really easy, but what about getting that digital image into a form where it can be seen more readily?  As you know from previous #familyhistoryfriday articles, accumulating a stockpile of photos isn’t really the goal.  Having gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos that remain untouched and unappreciated don’t do the heart and soul good– seeing those photos does.  The whole point of taking a picture is to see it, not to store it.  We’ve all mastered Step 1: how to take a digital picture.  Now let’s conquer Step 2: how to print those pictures from our phones.

Decide on a Home for Your Photos First

Where you want your photos and memories to live will determine the right way for you to get your photos off your phone.  While a traditional photo album from a local store is certainly one method for preserving your pictures and the stories that go with them, there are a lot of options.

In March, we explored four additional ways here at Evolve, plus I have two more bonus options to share with you.  These vary by style, cost, creativity, and time.  I suggest looking at each of these six methods to see what works for you.  In most of these links, I actually give recommendations on who would like each method.

Each of these methods have their own perks, so choose something that fits your style, available time, and budget the best.  Most of all, though, love it.  I always say, “If you don’t love it, you won’t do it,” so find something you can get excited about.  Looking forward to sitting down and putting your photos in a HOME and jotting down some memories of them is a great way to help you DO IT.  Memory-keeping is cathartic and is an excellent method of self-care!  There are additional benefits to it, too, like increased happiness and a greater sense of purpose!

Printed Photograph or Digital Product?

You may have noticed that each of those six options, plus the regular photo album from a local store, all fall into one of two categories:  a product that you’ll put printed photos into, or an all-in-one (a digital product that is printed with your digital pictures already in it).

If you choose pocket pages, easy paper scrapbooking kits, or traditional scrapbooking as the home for your photos and memories, you will first need to print your photos so you’ll have physical pictures in your hands.  If you choose digital storybooking, simple digital photo books, or digital scrap pages, you will be printing your photos in a product.

So I’ll show you how to print your photos from your phone both ways.  (If you also want to save your photos onto your computer–which I recommend–be sure you don’t miss the #familyhistoryfriday post from two weeks ago, How to Get Your Pictures Off Your Phone.)

A Quick Way to Print Photos Straight from Your Phone

There’s a new option for getting your photos into print straight from your phone!  With Snap2Finish, you can order photo prints in several sizes!  The traditional 4×6 works best if you’re preserving your pictures using Pocket Pages or many traditional store-bought albums.  The square sizes are fun if you’re scrapbooking or using the easy paper scrapbooking kits.

This link includes a video tutorial showing the quick and easy steps to printing your photos straight from your phone using Snap2Finish:  How to Order Photo Prints from your Phone

How to Print Phone Photos in a Digital Product Instead

If your preferred method isn’t a hands-on memory-keeping one, you get to skip a step!  Printing your digital photos IN a digital product is a pretty cool way to do things.

If you choose to preserve your photos in the digital storybook or digital scrap pages I suggested, uploading them from your phone into your Heritage Makers account is EASY.  Because there’s an app!  (It’s in the app store under “PhotoSafe.”)  (If you don’t have a Heritage Makers account, here’s how to get one.)

I think one of the coolest things about this method is that it doubles as secure digital photo storage on an outside server, too!  You’ll be printing your photos with Heritage Makers’ heirloom-quality products, but you’re also getting digital photo storage!  That’s because Heritage Makers stores your photos in full resolution that you can download (for free!) at any time.  This isn’t true for all “photobook” companies, so I really love this feature!  Plus, even though Heritage Makers has a generous photo storage limit, all photos that you publish in a book or scrap page DO NOT COUNT toward the limit!  So it’s full-resolution photo storage for free.

If you choose the simple digital photo books I mentioned in that last bullet point up there, uploading photos is almost just as easy.  This link shows you how to upload your pictures from your phone into your Snap2Finish account.  And you’ll only need the first minute of that 3-minute video!  Score.

Of course, once your photos are in your Snap2Finish or your Heritage Makers account, you’re not quite done.  The next step will be to create books or scrap pages and then submit them for publishing.  But if you chose this digital method because you will love it, then  you’ll have a great time doing it!  All the links I’m dropping have lots of ideas, helps, and directions.

Why It’s Important

Getting your photos off your phone is really important!  In a world without as much face-to-face contact as we once had, connecting with your own life experiences is a way to stay emotionally healthy.  Every picture you’ve taken means something.  You felt that THAT moment should be captured.  You wanted to remember the experience, the view, the person, the occasion.  So letting the picture rot on your phone like yesterday’s garbage doesn’t do it the justice it deserves.  It doesn’t honor your desire to preserve that moment of your life.

Seeing your photos is what makes them matter.



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