My Favorite Photo Products

This month on Evolve’s #familyhistoryfriday I’d like to share A Few Of My Favorite Things–some of my favorite products that make life more meaningful!  As you might guess, these will be photo-, story-, and family-related.  Today I’m excited to show you some neat things you can do with your photos.

The Family Yearbook:  All Your Favorite Photos from One Year in One Place

I’ve mentioned it before, but this remains one of my all-time favorite photo products.  I think it’s especially helpful (since it’s already organized by month) to help people catch up preserving their photos because you already know where every photo goes.  (Halloween photos  from 2014 go on the October pages of the 2014 book.)

These family yearbooks by Heritage Makers allow you to add extra pages (and even duplicate them, so you don’t have to re-build them element by element).  That means if you have more photos from August than the August pages allow, you can add more August pages.

But there’s an extra “bonus,” so to speak, in having just two pages for each month:  you have to narrow down.  So often we feel like if we took 100 pictures, then we need to put 100 pictures in our books.  Where’s that rule?!  With the abundance of photos most of us have, it can be wise to have to pick your favorites.

These Heritage Makers books also allow you to move, delete, or add ANYTHING to a template.  So if there are spots for 12 pictures on the August pages and you only have 4, you can delete some of the photo place holders and enlarge the 4 you have to fit the page.  The flexibility is one of the many reasons I’m a Heritage Makers user–especially because you can use a fully-editable template OR create your own using the (included) Heritage Makers art elements.

Digital Scrap Pages

Since I started as a traditional/paper scrapbooker years ago– before digital existed –I like the looseleaf version of preserving my photos and stories.  I like being able to add in kids’ artwork or class photos as well as movie stubs and plane tickets and other 3-D items.  And I love how much faster digital scrap pages are to make than paper ones since there’s the lovely little “duplicate page” button in Heritage Makers’ Studio program.

Digital scrap pages require a few extra things that the hardbound storybooks (family yearbooks) don’t.  You need to have some sort of album to house the pages and page protectors for the pages to go in.  But I really love the looseleaf aspect so much that it’s still the perfect fit for me.

I know quite a few people who are trying to make the transition from hands-on memory-keeping (scrapbooking) to digital.  I think digital scrap pages are the perfect way!  They allow you to have multiple types of pages in one album–some hand-scrapped, some digital.  They allow you to swap back and forth as you use up papers and stickers and other embellishments.


Another fantastic way to preserve your photos and make sure they’re seen and loved is making a calendar.  A family calendar at Christmastime has been a STAPLE in my family for about 10 years.  Each month has pictures of the family members with birthdays that month.  It’s especially meaningful to us now that my mom has passed away.  Every January, her birthday month, we get to see pictures of her–as a little girl, in her 70s, as a college student, holding grandbabies.  It’s a gift.

However, the Now and Later Calendar is a great way to do digital scrapbooking or memory-keeping!  The Now and Later Calendar is perforated so you can tear the 12×12 section off the top and keep it in an album.  You can preserve a whole year’s worth of photos on a calendar– one month’s photos at a time –and look at them all year long before tearing them off and putting them in an album to enjoy again in the future.

I realize it’s February, but if you were to start now creating a calendar, you could do one or two months’ worth each month from now through November and have your Christmas gifts all ready to give!

Home Decor with Your Own Photos

I think one of the simplest ways to enjoy and share a precious photo is hanging it on a wall.  From metal prints and posters to canvases and wood prints, there’s no better way to capture a moment in time and share it with the world.

I love using Heritage Makers canvases (and other home decor) since I can put text on it– special quotes are my favorite.  I found one once that said, “A grandparents’ house is where cousins go to become best friends.”  It fit my in-laws so perfectly and made a wonderful gift.

Home decor with your own photos can be a beautiful way to keep someone close who has passed on.  It’s a meaningful way to remember a loved one.

These favorite photo products of mine have been created, used, enjoyed, loved, and shared for years and years.  They bring meaningful connections to my home for everyone to see as well as to my family members in their own special moments.  Never underestimate the power of a photo.

Jennifer’s favorite photo products were all created here, and directions on how to get started creating yours can be found here.


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16 thoughts on “My Favorite Photo Products

  1. I was a big time traditional Scrapbooker years ago. For some reason I’ve gotten away from it. But would like to start again. I’ve never done digital Scrapbooking. I have done a lot of “photos to canvas” in my home though. Especially of my g-babies! ❤

    • I find that’s happened to a lot of people who used to love scrapbooking–they’ve sort of fallen out of love with it. I used to be a traditional scrapbooker and have made the transition to digital pages. I love digital because it goes so much faster and all I need is a laptop instead of a lot of supplies. I love that you have canvases in your home. That’s such a great way to see sweet faces every day! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Donna. 🙂

  2. Photo calendars are such a great gift for grandparents. We used to do one every year for my mother-in-law. Really any of these ideas are great gifts for grandparents.

    • True enough! All of these ideas would be great for grandparents. I do a calendar every year, and my dad (my mom has passed) absolutely looks forward to it and loves seeing the new pictures every year. 🙂

  3. Calendars are always our go-to gifts for grandparents so they can have some sweet pictures of their grandchildren in their home year-round. I also love the idea of a family yearbook. That would be a fun way to distribute memories to my kids in the future too!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday #linkup with Confessions of Parenting! 🙂

    • Definitely! My dad (my mom has passed) always loves the family calendars I make for Christmas each year. It’s really the bright spot in his office, and it’s such a simple way to share and enjoy photos. Yes, the family yearbook is SUCH a great way to make sure we get our favorite photos and special memories in one place before they’re forgotten. Thanks, Michele. 🙂

  4. So many wonderful ideas here. I love so many of them but the personal wall décor has to be my favorite and one I NEED in my life! 😀

    • Thanks, Tannah. 🙂 Yes, the wall decor is such a fantastic way to see and love some of your favorite photos. I love that you’re kind of making your own “posters” of your heroes!

    • Thank you, Lori. 🙂 The family yearbook is a really good way to preserve your favorite pictures from each year, but, yes, the home decor ideas with photos are such a simple way to see those faces we love!

  5. I’ve got lots of scrapbooks to do but keep putting it off so these tips are great for alternative ideas. Love the digital scrap pages as I’ve started sorting out thousands of last years photos into folders but didn’t have an idea of what to do next!

    • Vicky, I’m so glad this was a helpful post! That’s my goal. 🙂 Yes, sometimes alternative ideas can make a difference if you’re “stuck” somehow. The digital scrap pages are my personal favorite–I’ve been using them for about 8 or so years now, and I just love them. Especially because I make multiple scrap pages of the same events (for multiple kids), it really SAVES me! I stay caught up that way, and it’s so great!

  6. I have just started getting back into scrapbooking mostly because I miss that account of our lives. I have made photo books and calendars but it’s not something I was doing regularly enough and I often gave them away as gifts to other family members.

    • I can’t even tell you how often I refer to my scrapbooks specifically because of what you mentioned–it’s an account of our lives! I love that. I have had people ask what hotel we stayed in on a trip, and I know that I took a picture and/or wrote about it in my scrapbook, so I’ll go back–almost like I’m googling my life experience–and find it! Scrapbooks and memory albums are so good for us! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂