Evolve: Live. Grow. Give.

About Us

Evolve celebrates stories, fosters the development of talents, and helps individuals achieve success.


Evolve believes that everyone has value, every life is important, and every person has something to give that benefits others.


Inspiring individuals to be actively engaged in life and to develop endurance through sharing and celebrating life’s stories.


Encouraging individuals to embrace the power of continuous learning; to actively live, discover and develop talents; and to find success without compromising their morals and standards.



  • develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
  • to undergo change.

The Evolve Team


Krista Palo


 Krista loves stories in all of their forms. She believes in continuous learning and the power of positivity.


Jennifer Wise


Jennifer is Evolve’s memory keeping expert. She will help you organize and preserve family treasures.


Lori Jackson


Lori loves life and stories. She believes that knowledge comes from learning, and wisdom comes from living.

What You'll Find


Life is a verb, an action. We should be actively involved in life and we have the power, through our choices, to choose our destinies.


Growth comes from understanding our past, developing goals for the future, and a willingness to change. It is not a one time occurance, but a continual process.


Evolve explores two types of giving both of which are essential to a joyful life; charitable giving, and the sharing of time, gifts, talents, and knowledge.


Evolve was launched on March 1, 2017.

Evolve is an expression of how to live and make meaningful positive change. We strive to empower readers to live a life of continuous growth and to make the most of the opportunities and challenges of life. Our goal is to inspire, uplift, and ultimately make life more joyful.

Evolve recognizes three significant aspects of life: to live, to grow, and to give. As we live we learn new things and grow; as we grow we have a desire to help and share our experiences with others; and sharing our talents and giving service helps us experience joy. It is a continuous cycle of living and learning and giving.

Evolve celebrates diversity and encourages the respectful exchange of views and ideas as we learn from each other.

There is more to life than merely existing. Trials come to us all, however, it is possible to find “Joy in the Journey.” This is what Evolve is all about. It is making the most of the life that we have, growing and developing our talents, and then giving to others and sharing our talents.

Evolve’s blog explores a variety of subjects related to its three core elements of living, growing, and giving.

  • Personal Development
  • Change
  • Talents
  • Family History
  • Inspiration
  • Balance

…and other topics geared toward helping readers discover and express their own story with their own voice.


Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about Evolve and what we are all about! We hope that you feel welcome and will continue to come back again and again.


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