About Me

Krista Palo, Owner & CEO

Hey there! My name is Krista Palo. I am the owner and creator of Evolve.

My greatest job and greatest joy in life is being the mother of my two boys, and adopted mom of my adorable dog (my fluffy four legged child).

In 2015, I went through a major transitional period in my life, and while I was excited for the potential of change, I still felt stuck. I had trapped myself in a negative mindset, and told myself:

  • I was too busy with my responsibilities to work on personal goals and take care of myself.
  • I worried that while I was juggling so many balls, an important one might drop.
  • I felt so busy that I was just going through the motions. I wanted to find meaning and joy in life.
  • There were things I used to love but didn’t have time for anymore.
  • There were things I wanted to learn, but I felt like they will never be a priority.
  • If I wanted to be successful, then I was afraid I would have to sacrifice things in my life I really didn’t want to.
  • I wanted to make a difference in the world but I didn’t know what to do.

Work History

If you look at my previous work history, you can see that it is an eclectic mix of occupations.  My first official job was at a tanning salon, from there I worked at a pizza place, then at a call center in the collections department. I have worked for two different Universities, the Pampered Chef, a preschool, a bakery, a vet clinic, and a cafe.

I wasn’t happy in any of my previous jobs. I didn’t love what I was doing. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay with the jobs long term because I didn’t have the internal motivation to continue.

In my more recent jobs it was even worse. I wasn’t able to get the hours I needed so I could be with my children after school or when they had days off. I also wasn’t earning enough to support my family. So, looking for a solution to my employment dilemma I turned to strengths and my educational background.


  • BA in Management and Human Resources from Eastern Washington University, May 2005
  • MBA from the University of Phoenix, January 2017
  • John Maxwell Speaking, Teaching, and Coaching Certification August 2017

I realized that what I loved most about my classes was learning about people, about leadership, and about change. I also gained a valuable insight—people are successful when they love what they do. It’s not enough to simply have the knowledge, skills, or background, successful people have an underlying passion for their work.

Enter Evolve

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for stories in all their forms; but especially reading, music, art, dance, food, and movies. There is beauty in self-expression. I find that I discover more about myself as I listen to the ‘voices’ of others. I believe that we are here for one purpose: to evolve; to learn, to grow, and to become better through experience.

I believe that Heavenly Father is actively involved in our lives, and I strive to exemplify Jesus Christ at all times, in all things, and all places. Through this online platform, my goal is to positively impact the lives of others, whether or not they share my belief system.

We are all God’s children, and all lives matter.

When it is my time to go, I want to leave this world knowing that in some way, it is a better place because I was here.

I Created Evolve Because It’s Exactly What I Needed

Like I mentioned before, I was battling some pretty significant questions:

  • How can I find joy and meaning in life?
  • What does it mean to actively live? How can I be more present?
  • What do I need to do to grow and develop my talents?
  • How can I give back and help others?
  • Is it possible to find success without having to compromise my personal morals and standards?

I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Life’s pace was running faster than my ability to keep up with everything.

My problem was, I wanted to be healthy and happy and do all the good things on my to do list. For years, I struggled to keep up, I tried to do everything; and the fast pace took a toll on my health and the important relationships in my life.

It quickly became apparent that there would always be more to do than time to do it. After spinning my wheels to try to get more done, I realized that it was actually counterproductive. When I finally started slowing down, I found that by doing less, I was actually doing more of what was important.

I learned that it’s not about doing more things, it’s doing the right things. Working smarter, not harder.

I had to identify what was important, and make those my top priorities: my relationship with my Heavenly Father and my family, my health and well-being, my relationships with my friends, and helping others. Those had to come first, they had been on the back-burner for too long.

The greatest thing I learned, was that even though I had feelings of imperfection, Change is Possible!

Join Me

My personal mission is to help you succeed. To help you overcome fear and develop the commitment and courage you need to reach your goals, to actively live, and find joy and meaning in life. If I can do it, then you can too!

So, if you too have a passion and want to have a positive impact in the world, you are in the right place! Please, join me in this journey of personal growth.

Owner & CEO of LiveGrowGive, LLC and creator of Evolve.

Krista is also a Certified Speaker, Teacher, and Coach for the John Maxwell Team.

Her official John Maxwell Group website is: http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/KristaPalo

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