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Life is full of adventures, disappointments, and accomplishments that can teach the determined soul.

I wouldn’t consider myself old by any means, but I have experienced a bit of life.  As a wife of 28 years, mother of 4, and grandmother; I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to help put Humpty Dumpty together again.  Life is messy, sticky, unpredictable, surprising, entertaining; and, if we play our cards right, can mold us into a person that is full of wisdom.  In my journey of the last half a century, I’ve learned a few things along the way. Some of those life lessons have come more easily than others, but one constant I’ve come to understand is we always have a choice.

I recently read a study that showed the average adult has over 35,000 choices to make in a 24-hour period.   As I have contemplated what I have done with those choices over the years, I’ve come to realize many of those choices are associated with a situation, trial or adventure that have helped me collect a smattering of knowledge, insight and yes, wisdom.

Wisdom goes beyond being smart or having just basic knowledge.  It is the culmination of experiences that help us become.  Become what? You might ask. Well, that is entirely up to us.  I have tried to choose learning and understanding over frustration and pain – not in the perfect sort of non-judgmental way – but mostly through trial and error.  With a determined desire to try again and again, I have tried to choose wisdom.

With each twist and turn of life, we have one of the many 35,000 daily choices to make.  Will we allow life to dictate who we become or will we take the lessons of life to learn wisdom?

Becoming wise is a choice. Making hard decisions, overcoming trials and teaching our children to be wise is not easy and does not always come naturally.   Sharing our learning experiences can inspire determination when things get tough. Just like my grandson watched and observed before ever trying his first step, we can learn a lot from looking and studying others in similar situations.  But it all starts with the first step – choosing if life will teach you or defeat you.

My journey has taught me that I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a voice to share what I’ve learned. Life can either teach us or defeat us – the choice is ours.


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