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Jennifer Wise, Contributor

Jennifer Wise was born with a passion for making connections, taking photos, and preserving memories in scrapbooks and journals. She was always a scrapbooker (but never the fancy kind) because she felt it was an important way to cherish things that were important to her.

As her three kids came along, she felt that memory-keeping was an important way to show them that their lives matter to her and that they have a place where they belong. She feels strongly that a scrapbook – however it’s made – is a gift because it’s something happy and meaningful to go to when things get hard. When she tells you her motto, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be jpegs,” she really means it.

When Heritage Makers was a brand-new digital storybooking company in 2004, Jennifer was a young mom with three kids under the age of seven. She considered herself plenty busy, thank you very much, so she wasn’t looking for extra income or even a new hobby. But she couldn’t let go of the idea that Heritage Makers was something for everyone – that Heritage Makers would be an amazing tool for storytelling and memory-keeping, for people who hate scrapbooking and people who love it. She was already converted to the concept of storytelling – actually telling the story behind the photos – so Jennifer jumped on board, becoming a Heritage Makers consultant in March 2005.

Since then, she has not only shared her passion of the importance of memory-keeping and storytelling, but she has also helped hundreds of people find actual, do-able solutions to the problem of too many photos and not enough time. Jennifer has discovered that she is a “wellness coach…for the heart”. Capturing and preserving stories, photos, and memories is an irreplaceable gift. Her goal is to share the benefits of memory-keeping with one more person every day.

Jennifer holds a B.A. degree in Humanities-English Literature from Brigham Young University. Her favorite part of the study of the human experience was the expression of it, whether through art, literature, music, film, or language. As a linguaphile, she was especially fascinated at the expressions of humanity that “couldn’t” (as Alfred Stieglitz said) be written in words.

Right after graduation, Jennifer spent a year and a half in three U.S. cities as a volunteer missionary. She is fluent in American Sign Language and has worked (and volunteered) as an interpreter off and on over the last 20+ years. She has called seven states “home” over her lifetime, as well as two countries and a U.S. territory. This is, in part, what’s responsible for her addiction to travel, which she enjoys most often with her husband and children.

Her greatest desire in life is to make a difference, and she’s grateful to continue finding avenues to work towards that goal. This desire to make a difference combined with her staunch belief in individuality–that each unique person has been given talents and abilities from God for specific, irreplaceable purposes–drives her passion for encouraging people to care for themselves and their families through preserving photos, memories, and stories.

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