Three Time-Saving Hacks for Finding Happiness and Relaxation

Three things that seem to be in high demand and short supply these days are time, happiness, and relaxation.  Today I’m going to show you how to find them in some surprising places from some unexpected sources.  It’s funny how easily they could be had but how elusive they are until we get a few hints.

What Do You Tell Yourself About Preserving Pictures that Isn’t True?

Everyone has pictures!  Unfortunately, not everyone preserves them.  In the “olden days” as I like to call them, we would take a pictures on film and not see them for weeks or months until we printed them when we got the film developed.  We’re in a funny place now where we take pictures and see them immediately but don’t print or preserve them, so we often never see them again.  What happened?  Why the disconnect?  What is it about digital photos that has made us forget to preserve them?  I find that there are several myths surrounding memory-keeping that are preventing the majority of us from preserving pictures.  What do you tell yourself about preserving pictures that isn’t true?