Reunion Keepsakes

Giving from the Heart series

Summertime is often reunion time.  From family reunions to school class reunions, lots of traveling to see old familiar faces happens during the summer.  These events are always special, and it’s nice to both make a record of the reunion to look back on and to keep in touch with those you saw there.  But how exactly do you do that?  As part of #familyhistoryfriday Giving from the Heart series, we’ll look today at some fun and special ideas for reunion keepsakes.

How to Preserve Your Summer Memories

Giving from the Heart series

Summer memories!  They’re some of the best kind.  When I was asked to be the #familyhistoryfriday contributor here at Evolve, our lovely owner Krista told me that the focus of the blog was going to be about learning, growing, telling our stories, and developing our talents.  This mission is what’s behind the tagline:  live, grow, give.  Everything about #familyhistoryfriday is focused in one way or another on those three points.  When we’re talking about stories, photos, memories, family, and connections, each of those goals –live, grow, and give– quite naturally come through.  The next several #familyhistoryfridays will be a series called “Giving from the Heart.”  As summer wraps up, there are several ways to live, grow, and give in a way that connects families and preserves wonderful memories, stories, and photos to look back on when summer is gone.

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”  -James M. Barrie

Bringing Family Stories to Life

Family history sometimes gets a bad rap.  It can be viewed as one of those hobbies people pick up when they’re old and don’t have anything else to do.  This reputation is unfortunate because the fact is that we all need our history.  We all need our stories, and we all need our family stories.  Stories connect us, give us strength, and help us realize our place not only in the world but in OUR little world of influence.  What would change if you wrote down your own story?  What would you learn if you wrote down your family’s story?