Why Taking Photos is So Important — And What to Do With Them

Taking photos used to be more of a treat than it is today.  In the 1800s, a small percentage of people had photos taken of themselves, and it was a big affair.  It took a lot of time and money.  If they were lucky, they had more than one photo of themselves taken during their lifetimes.  Today we can have 100 pictures taken of ourselves in a single weekend.  We take pictures of sunsets, animals, and food.  Because photos have become so commonplace, it can be easy to forget how important they really are.  Unfortunately, digital photography has led to photo overwhelm, and most often people take pictures but don’t really know what to do with them.

Family Matters: Two Unforgettable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Love your parents.  We are so busy growing up that we often forget that they are also growing old.” -anonymous

Flowers and ties are always nice gifts for parents, but what if you could give the mothers or fathers in your life something they would never forget?  With a little planning, this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be unforgettable–with an affordable gift that keeps on giving.  I have two special gift ideas to share with you today.  Both will be cherished for years to come.

Building Bridges between Generations using Photos and Memories

What good is the past?  Are there benefits to looking to the past?  Absolutely!  Here’s why the past is infinitely important to me:  My grandparents lived there.  I learned lessons there.  I fell in love, got married, and had babies there.  My grandparents passed away before any of my children could know or remember them.  If I want my children to know where they came from and know those sweet people they didn’t get a chance to know, I need to take them back to the past.  The best way I know of to bridge generations is using photos and memories.  Photos bring people to life and put faces to names.  My memories of my grandparents make them real people to my kids and provide opportunities for connections, even though they’re gone.

The Power of Place and Family Traditions

Is there a place, a smell, or a song that makes you feel like you’re home?  What traditions make you feel like all is right in the world?  Feelings of nostalgia and belonging take us to happy places.  Especially in today’s busy world of distractions, getting in touch –or staying in touch– with our roots is vital.  We need to connect and to feel at home.  Traditions do that for us.  Places do that for us.  Looking back at photos and recorded memories does that for us.

Evolve’s One Year Blogiversary Giveaway Winners!

I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate Evolve’s One Year Blogiversary with you!

This post is specifically to let you know who the winner’s for Krista’s giveaway’s are, I know that Jennifer Wise was giving away some great prizes too, but she will get a hold of you separately.

My 5 Prizes:

  1. Evolve Journal & Pen
  2. Today Matters by John C. Maxwell
  3. Intentional Living by John C. Maxwell
  4. Evolve Tote Bag
  5. Grand Prize – Live2Lead Book Bundle:

The Winners are:

  • Jennylyn Gross from Havre de Grace, MD
  • Jenny Ham from Topeka, KS
  • Michelle Hunsaker from Parker, CO
  • Heather Smith from Pocahontas, AR
  • Amber Hensley from Ashland, KY

Congratulations winners!

I also want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Blogiversary celebration. You are what makes this blog possible.

Thank you.