The Power of a Word

I was at a recent family gathering where the conversation was bordering on gossip.  As the negative comments and judgments started to fly, I jumped on the bandwagon and offered my assessment of the situation only to be quickly called out for my comment.  

Not a person involved thought twice about what happened, but my sensitive side was crushed.  I am not an unkind person, so what would cause me to make such a comment? I spent the afternoon doing some self-reflecting.  It may not seem devastating, but it was a harsh reality check for me. The feelings generated from this experience have lingered in the back of my mind for weeks.

Have you ever had that happen to you before? Some seemingly small incident creates a tidal wave of emotions? I’ve played this interaction over and over in my mind as I have considered my choices for change this year. I’ve contemplated who am I becoming? What do I need to focus on to be a better person? How will I develop my “To-Be” process this year?

Tools for Conquering Your Photos

This month’s #familyhistoryfriday posts focus on that ever-elusive goal of catching up on preserving your photos.  It’s easy these days to take half a terabyte worth, but that leaves us with a big challenge.  When do we ever SEE them?  If we have so many, how can we find time to publish them so they can be seen and loved in a tactile form?  The good news is that there are several tools to help you conquer your photos.  The great news is that I shared them all in an online class!

Beating the Winter Blues with Hygge

I hate snow.  I hate being cold.  And until this year, I hated January.  After the festivities, spirit, lights, food, and celebrations of December, January feels like you’ve just been dumped when you thought the relationship was going pretty well.  All the happy, cozy feelings and good times get abruptly replaced by cold, snow, and dark.  So what changed my mind and my experience this year?  Hygge!

Making a Plan to Catch Up on Your Photos

Like many things, catching up on your photos is just a worthy goal until you have an actual plan to do it.  If you have photos on phones, cameras, hard drives, and clouds, making time and making a plan to preserve them in a tangible form can be a little overwhelming.  Once you have a plan, though, you can move forward.  Even big tasks can be accomplished when you know how you’re going to do it.  So let’s get you on that road.

How to be Successful on Your Resolution to Catch Up Preserving Your Photos

Catching up on preserving photos is a common New Year’s Resolution.  Even when it’s not an official Resolution, it’s a common goal.  I quite often hear people talk about their need to catch up doing something with their photos.  This month on Evolve’s #familyhistoryfriday, we will focus on solutions for your resolutions.  We will learn the first steps you need to take to be successful, options for both digital and already-printed photos, and the Two-in-One plan.

What’s Your One Word?

What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions?

According to a study conducted on January 1, 2017, about 41% of Americans usually make New Years Resolutions, yet only 9.2% of those actually felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions. That may be why about 42% of Americans absolutely never make New Years Resolutions.

The study shows that 72.6% of resolutions were maintained through the first week, 68.4% past two weeks, and only 58.4% past one month.

So why is it that so few American’s are making resolutions and even fewer of those are seeing success?