Family Heirloom Recipe: Iranian Cucumber Salad

A recipe seems to be one of those things that families hang on to, not just because it’s traditional, but because it is tried and true.  One family recipe that is sure to become an heirloom recipe in our family is– believe it or not –Iranian Cucumber Salad.  (No, I’m not Iranian.)

When I was a baby, my father taught English as a Second Language at a university in Iran.  My mother learned to make several Iranian dishes during the two years we lived there.  For years and years when I was growing up, my parents would periodically invite friends over for Iranian Night.  They would show slides and talk about what it was like to live in Iran in the 1970s.  And my mom would make her Iranian dishes.  I loved Iranian Night!

One of my favorite dishes was, and continues to be, Iranian Cucumber Salad.  It’s very simple to make, although you need 24 hours to do it.  It’s healthy, and the cucumber-dill combination is absolutely delicious.  My kids LOVE it and always wish we had leftovers.

Guest Post from Life Tales Books: Why Your Family Needs its Stories

Family stories, family narrative, family history.  They exist when Mom tells you the story of how Grandma and Grandpa met.  They exist when you tell your kids, “My dad always said…”  Have you ever considered that family stories aren’t just warm fuzzies but necessities?  Did you know they can quite literally preserve memories?  Every family needs its stories because…

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“I Can’t Believe They’re Not Brownie’s” Cookies

I am a big fan of brownies. They are chocolaty and gooey in the middle, and they just taste, well, heavenly. But sometimes they are just a mess to eat… In general, my go to dessert is cookies. They make the perfect individual serving sizes, and somehow I don’t feel as bad when I eat two cookies as I do when I eat two brownies. I’m not sure about my logic there, but hey, it works for me!

This recipe is the best of both worlds. You get the gooey chocolaty goodness of a brownie in the easily transportable, snackable cookie form. Voila, “I can’t believe they’re not brownie’s,” cookies.

Using Music to Create A Sacred Christmas

Christmas is arguably my favorite time of year. Christmas lights decorate homes and trees, and brighten shorter days. Festive music plays, and children are excited for gifts and we enjoy the spirit of giving. Hopefully, we remember the birth of our Savior and try to be more like Him through love and service to each other.

Christmas also brings with it gratitude for blessings over the past year and hope for the year to come. But for some, the holiday’s also bring anxiety, depression, feelings of loss, or even disappointment. Those feelings can be even worse for those who are sick, who have experienced divorce, lost a loved one, or who are far from friends and family.

Finding Friends in Your Family

Learning about your family history gives you a glimpse into the history of you, but it also gives you opportunities to find friends in your own family.  Working together and playing together (even if it has to be scheduled in today’s hectic life) give family members opportunities to talk, accomplish something together, or just have fun together.  Family members can be a constant source of friendship throughout life.  But what about the family outside your own house?  How can you find friends in your family outside your walls?

Why Knowing Family Stories is a Necessity

When I was growing up, 2017 sounded like it would involve flying cars.  Really, though, things aren’t that different from 1985.  Are they?  Houses are houses and cars are cars.  We go to school and work.  And yet, things ARE different.  With so many available activities and distractions now, family connections are harder to come by than they used to be.  While it used to be nice to know family stories and family history, today it’s a necessity.  Here’s why.

Your Family History in a Recipe

Did you know you can find your family history in a recipe?  It’s true.  Since a family history is just a family’s story, recipes, meals, traditions, and celebrations are part of that story.  From simple comfort food to fancy holiday dishes, you can find family history in a recipe.  Cookbooks and recipes are one fun, creative way to share and enjoy your family’s story.