One Solution to Too Many Photos: Family Yearbooks

Digital photography allows us to take a lot of photos any time.  We can get just the right shot even if it takes twenty tries.  The downside, though, of digital photography is that we often have way too many photos to even deal with.  It can be overwhelming.  Unfortunately, this situation is a common one, and many people don’t even know where to start when they think about actually preserving their photos, memories, and stories.  One of my favorite solutions to this problem is a Family Yearbook.

Helps for Dating Nineteenth Century Photos

Are you lucky enough to have really old family photos floating around?  These treasures of your family story, or family history, are priceless.  If they aren’t already dated, there are a few clues and tips you can use to approximate a date.  Dating photos can sometimes even help you figure out who is in the photo.  So if you have a gem or two but don’t have dates, here are some helps on dating nineteenth century photos– and preserving them, too.

Guest Post at Choosing Wisdom: If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well

Today’s post was written for Lori Jackson’s blog Choosing Wisdom.

Daddy-Daughter-Day-1994My Grandfather was one of the most influential people in my life. He has been a continual source of inspiration even though he is no longer with me.

He taught me many things, but one thing sticks out in particular: “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

This idea has served me well in my personal, professional, and school life.

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Choosing Wisdom


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Negatives, Old Photos, and Boxes, Oh My!

If that box of photos you have includes some old family photos, you may run into challenges identifying who is in those precious old photos.  One of my grandmothers consistently wrote on the back of photos–names, dates, places–so that they are easily identified every time.  Not all of us are so lucky!  So if it falls to YOU to be the identifier of the names, dates, and places, here are some helps.

When Photo Overload Becomes Photo Overwhelm

Photographs.  Negatives.  Slides.  Digital Files.  Duplicates.  Some you’ve taken.  Some from Grandma’s boxes.  Some from… well, we’re not sure.  In the 1800s, photos were unique.  Even in the 1980s when photos were not unusual any more, they were manageable.  In the past couple of decades, though, the phrase “photo overload” has been rightly coined!  Many people now find themselves overloaded with photos in many forms and from many sources.  So what do you do when Photo Overload becomes Photo Overwhelm?