4 Places We Stand and Why the Direction Matters

There is a story, of a grand piano that needed to be moved in a German church many years ago. The community of church members were not skilled professional movers, only volunteers working together. Because of the size of the piano, the job required a carefully orchestrated plan using their strength and coordination. They tried several different techniques, but each resulted in making the piano unstable and it remained immovable.

As they stood around the piano trying to determine the next tactic, one man suggested they stand close together and then lift where they stood.

The solution seemed too simple to work, but they gave it a try, and to their astonishment they found success! The profound truth to their quandary was to lift where they stood.

Why It’s Important to Print Photos

There’s so much focus these days on digital photo storage.  There are all sorts of suggestions out there:  cloud, DVD, flash drive, photo storage companies.  It can leave us feeling like we need backups of our backups.  But what good is a stored photo that you don’t ever see?  Whether you actually remember the days of film and negatives or not, there’s an important thing to be learned from those days:  we didn’t focus on storing our negatives in multiple ways and multiple formats.  The focus, rather, was on the photographs.

This month on #familyhistoryfriday we’re going to talk about getting your photos out of digital form:  the why, the how, some tips, and how to move forward.

Real Life, Real Passion Episode 8: Sustainable Small Steps Build Healthy Lives, Interview with Karen Weeks

Welcome to episode eight of the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. Today our guest is wellness coach Karen Weeks. Two topics that we cover in our conversation are about living a life of moderation and about how small sustainable steps when taken consistently are the key to helping us build healthy lives. Karen offers some great tips and advice about setting ourselves up for success when we are building habits and talks about the importance of finding balance.

I love Karen’s positive attitude and that she intentionally chooses to focus on the positive.

Click the link above to listen to the podcast.

An Easy Way to Brighten Someone’s Day: Use the 10/5 Way

Why do we underestimate the power of a smile? Why do we think that simple things cannot possibly make a large impact?

I have found that simple things are usually the easiest things to implement and lead to the strongest habits. The 10/5 Way is simple. When you pass someone within 10 feet smile, and within five feet say hello. It is amazing how such a simple act of courtesy can bring positive change.