Guest Post at Choosing Wisdom: Why Kindness Benefits Yourself as Well as Others

Today I am a Guest Blogger at Lori Jackson’s blog Choosing Wisdom.

Why Kindness Benefits Yourself as Well as Others

From the time we are small we are taught to be nice. Our parents and other teachers in our lives encourage us to make good choices and to be kind in our interactions with other people. This is for a good reason. Kindness not only benefits the recipients of our actions, but it also has a positive effect on us and anyone who witnessed the act of kindness too.

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Choosing Wisdom


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MYTHBUSTING: Memory-Keeping Myth #1

Did you know there are MYTHS about memory-keeping?  It’s true!  There are things people believe about preserving photos and memories that are just plain false.  This month during #familyhistoryfriday on Evolve, we’ll look at four memory-keeping myths and BUST them wide open!

Myth #1

The myth we’re going to focus on today is one I hear quite a bit:  “I’m not creative, so I’m not into memory-keeping.”

Real Life, Real Passion Episode 4: Your Forever Family, Interview with Bridget Schwebach

Welcome to episode four of the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. Today our guest is Bridget Schwebach, she is a Senior Executive Ambassador for Forever. In our interview, Bridget shares her experience loosing precious family photos and how she uses her passion for pictures to help others find a safe place to keep their family memories.