Real Life, Real Passion Episode 7: Find Your Team with Crissy Perham

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. Today our guest is Olympic Swimmer Crissy Perham. In our conversation we talk about how sports have been the foundation to her entire life and how they can help us find understanding in many situations. Crissy explains why sports are one of her love languages and the importance of being a good teammate.

Crissy also talks about being intentional with the people that you surround your self with, how no one achieves success alone, and the importance of finding your team.

Click the link above to listen to the podcast.

MYTHBUSTING: Memory-Keeping Myth #3

I’m busy.  I bet you are, too.  Do you say the things I say:  “things are crazy,” “my schedule is packed,” or “I’m trying to keep my head above water!”?  Are you too busy to preserve your photos and memories?  Well, the next memory-keeping myth we’re going to bust has to do with TIME.

Simply Perfect Potato Salad

Potato salad is one of those recipes that is perfect for the spring and summer. It is one of those staples that my grandmother served regularly when I was growing up.

Cary Mac Arthur has been a guest author here on Evolve, she wrote the fabulous article Find Your Voice; Follow Your Purpose. Yesterday, she was also my guest on the Real Life, Real Passion podcast: Episode 6, Find Your Voice. She is a talented life coach and an inspiration. Her website is, and she hosts a podcast with her husband, Mechanic to Millionaire that is definitely worth checking out.

Real Life, Real Passion Episode 6: Find Your VOICE with Cary Mac Arthur

Welcome to episode six of the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. Today our guest is Life Coach Cary Mac Arthur. Today, our conversation revolves around the process of becoming and how Cary used her own experience of finding her voice to build a platform geared toward helping others do the same. Her passion is connecting women with their virtue, power, and purpose. We talk about mindset, inspiration, habits, and why it’s important to live a life of continuous improvement. Cary is full of amazing advice and offers some great resources. Come get motivated to make positive changes in your life!

Ignite Your Inner Mensch By Developing Integrity and Honor

There are many things that we do in life. In fact, there are an unlimited number of things and activities that we can fill our lives with. Some are necessary, some are good, and some simply use up our time. The question then becomes why? Why are we doing these things, and do all of these things really matter?

Have we allowed chronic busyness to replace meaning in our lives?

I suggest igniting your inner mensch. She will guide you to do the right things for the right reasons.

MYTHBUSTING: Memory-Keeping Myth #2

The memory-keeping myth we’re going to bust this week is similar to the one we busted last week:  “I’m not creative, so I’m not into memory-keeping.”  Although they’re related, myth #2 focuses specifically on the s-word, “SCRAPBOOKING”.  Say that word, and you definitely get a reaction.  Love it or hate it.  And it has created what I feel is probably the biggest myth in memory-keeping.

Quick and Easy Homemade Caramels

Yesterday on the Real Life, Real Passion podcast, I introduced you to one of my good friends Kerry Peck.

Kerry’s family loves caramels especially around the holidays. She first shared this recipe with me a few years ago around Thanksgiving. We ate them right out of the pan; and even had a friend show us how to dip them beautifully in chocolate.

If you love caramels but not all the work, try this recipe. It’s super easy and delicious.

Real Life, Real Passion Episode 5: Family Stories Help You Do Hard Things, Interview with Kerry Peck

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. Today our guest is my dear friend Kerry Peck. Our conversation today focuses on her passion for preserving family pictures and cherishing family stories. She shares how family stories can help you do hard things, and how knowing your forever family helps you feel connected to multiple generations.