Your Family History in a Recipe

Did you know you can find your family history in a recipe?  It’s true.  Since a family history is just a family’s story, recipes, meals, traditions, and celebrations are part of that story.  From simple comfort food to fancy holiday dishes, you can find family history in a recipe.  Cookbooks and recipes are one fun, creative way to share and enjoy your family’s story.

Praline Sweet Potato Bake

As my mom can attest, I kind of have a thing for sweet potatoes. They are just fabulous, especially when you add brown sugar! This Praline Sweet Potato recipe is on my to make list every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is also a great make ahead recipe. Bake the sweet potatoes in their skins the day before and put them in the fridge. When they are cold, the the sweet potatoes shrink in their skins which makes them super easy to peel. Believe me I have burned my fingers trying to peel sweet potatoes more than once before. It’s totally worth baking them the day/night before, plus it saves prep time the day you are cooking your meal.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures cool down, the leaves turn colors, and it’s time to break out pumpkins!

I always stock up on canned pumpkin now while it’s available, and pull it out throughout the next year. You can totally make your own pumpkin puree, but this is one thing that I find isn’t worth the effort to make at home. Canned pumpkin is readily available and cooks/bakes very nicely.

Mini Cherry Pies

... in a Jar

When I lived in Virginia, my cute neighbor’s husband was at the store one day and saw some Mini pies on a stick, and asked me to make some for him.  Specifically cherry.

It sounded like a fun idea, but I wasn’t feeling confident enough in my abilities to make pie on a stick that wouldn’t go all over the place and become pie on your lap… Small individual pies I could do, pie on a stick, not yet. Maybe I will come back and tackle that project another day… 

Favorite Pie Crust

When I was just starting to learn how to cook for my family, I wondered who ever came up with the expression easy as pie?? Had they ever actually tried to make pie? I was really good at making a crumbly mess, or something that looked ok but tasted awful. Why was this so hard?

I tried a myriad of different recipes and since I wasn’t a huge fan of pie crust anyway… I probably wasn’t the best judge to begin with. Miss Suzette served her recipe for pie crust with me about 15 years ago, and it was the first time I actually ate the crust instead of leaving it untouched on the side of my plate. Thankfully she shared her recipe.

Strawberry Freezer Jam

A Childhood Favorite

One of my very favorite childhood memories is watching my Grandmother make jam. Every year at the end of summer, my Grandma would make several batches of homemade raspberry and strawberry freezer jam. She would collect mountains of fresh berries, wash them, and lovingly fill container after container of full of sweet scrumptiousness for us to enjoy throughout the year. 

Lori’s Go-To Flank Steak Grilling Sauce

Our recipe today comes from Miss Lori Jackson. Lori is one of Evolve’s contributors, and was this week’s guest for the Real Life, Real Passion podcast. We talked about embracing life’s detours, finding the joy, and choosing to be happy.

Apparently, anyone that knows Lori well knows that she’s not a huge fan of cooking or baking. She jokes that she can’t make bread to save her life. However, her family does have a family favorite recipe for flank steak that is frequently requested.

Jennifer’s Hour And A Half Bread

This week’s guest for the Real Life, Real Passion podcast is one of our fabulous contributors, Miss Jennifer Wise. We talked about her passion for memory keeping how it can help tell stories and make connections throughout the generations.

A few years ago, Jennifer’s family had moved to Upstate New York, and a family from their church invited them over to dinner one night. Jennifer has a family of five and she is not a last minute kind of a person, so she was completely surprised to see homemade bread served on the table. The bread was delicious and she asked for the recipe. Jennifer has used it ever since.